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In this Podcast Ron Lewis C  talks about how we can feel God Living us. How we can see God (the One Life that live us) in everyone else. Imagine how we could change to world if we could see God in everyone!  Why is the world in such turmoil? It is because there is an identity crisis. How can we overcome this identity crisis and take back out True Divine Identity as Divine Children of God?

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Resonating in tune with our Divine Nature of Love. Letting Go of expectations in others. Our true enemy is not our neighbor, but it's the unconsciousness and ego we all deal with. These are some of the things Alicia and Ron discuss in this Podcast. We promise You it's only 30 minutes long per your request.

Introducing the School of Divine Identity and Consciousness

Join Ron and Alicia this week as they discuss topics to be studied in the School of Divine Identity & Consciousness.